Age Restrictions For Renting a Car – Are They Strict Enough Or Too Strict?

Car rental is a modern day service. Today, cars have become a necessity. At times people are stranded without them. Car rentals or car hiring services recognized the indispensability of a car in the present day lifestyles and provided them for hire. However, cars or trucks can not be hired easily. There is a whole bunch of age restrictions for rental a car. Truck rental and car rental are very tricky. Here, after a brief overview of car rental services, we discuss whether the stringency of these restrictions is accountable or is it only an exaggeration. rent a car near me

A rental service provides cars to people on rent basis. Their clientele includes tourists and also natives who might have given their car for repair. Apart from cars, trucks, scooters, bikes, cycles and motorcycles are also rented depending on the geography and turf of the area.

These agencies sometimes can have highly absurd terms of service. These generally vary with the economic status of the person seeking the car, the type of car sought and finally the age. Most of car rentals use average range but high performance giving vehicles but sometimes high-end cars like limousines, Rolls Royce, Mercedes etc are also lent.

Countries have specific rules regarding car rentals. In some cases the lower age limit is very high. This is groundless considering the fact that most of people learn and start driving while still at high school. The unwillingness of various companies in lending cars to younger customers may be a resultant of the fact that they are more rambunctious and hence vulnerable to accidents.

Young blood is often seen as irresponsible. Car renting can be a very risky business where the consumer can drive head on into an accident at any time. The rental company has to face the losses. Cars make a very costly working capital. Repairs or replacements lead to losses. Moreover the moral responsibility of the accident falls on the shoulders of the rental company. In the United States the rental company has to compensate the third part for any types of loses.

Young people also pose a greater steal threat: this reason is very often cited in the favor of higher age limits to avail car rental services. It is completely baseless. Modern cars can be fixed the global positioning system (GPS). GPS can without a fraction of doubt locate any thefts. Also someone who has the money to rent a car will in good possibility own one himself. Hence, he will not be driven by such motives.

The upper age limit for this is not generally defined. An agency will rent a car to anyone who looks old enough and in a position to drive. This must be checked for there have been many instances of senior citizens suffering heart attacks and strokes in rented cars.



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