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Aging Gracefully At Home

Whether I’m visiting or working, each time at the dreaded ‘nursing home’ my craft as a nurse begins to manifest itself. I assess each nursing home resident I come into contact with, and make my own assessment whether he or she could enjoy living at home with assistance versus living in the nursing home; some obviously need to be right where they are hence, no assessment needed. Others, I, of course would need more medical information to be disclosed and that would not be possible because of HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 that essentially states that no one’s personal medical history can be shared without permission.

There are several reasons for anyone, not just the elderly, to be admitted to a nursing home. The main reason in my professional opinion would be the need of 24 hour care. As we grow older and begin to ail and combined with other diagnoses, assistance from others is necessary. In the past, family members would opt to admit a loved one in a nursing home for care in general. However, 24 hour care may not be needed for an individual and nowadays assistance can be performed in the home. I’m not sure what the real studies prove, but I’m sure if I ask 100 people which type of care would they prefer if their health was failing and they needed help, the majority would prefer to stay in their homes. hus

In today’s healthcare solutions, aged and disabled persons are presented with options to avoid being admitted to a nursing home. After processes of eligibility and qualifying assessments, the states participating in Home Community Based Services Medicaid programs will allow assistance in a participant’s home who meets a nursing home level of care.

The Adult Day Care solution renders to the aged and disabled Medicaid and private pay participant, ordinary daily human behavior interactions with others. The Adult Day Care provides activities, meals, and on site medical provisions like nursing for administering medications and/or podiatry care. It also allows the participant to enjoy outdoor activity i.e. field trips.

The other home community based programs are the programs that authorizes an aide or personal care attendant to assist the Medicaid participant with activities in their home. These activities include: cleaning bathroom, kitchen and living areas, running errands, laundry, meal preparation, mobility and transfer, toileting, grooming and bathing, and some others. These particular programs were designed to keep participants from nursing home admissions.

One of the home community based programs called Consumer Directed Services actually allow the participant to choose a family member, non-spousal, to perform the authorized tasks. The chosen family member or friend will be monetarily compensated for doing the work in the home. This is a very trending and popular program throughout the Missouri area as this is where I’m working my own business.

I was thinking of this program when I decided to write about the options that an aged or disabled person with unmet needs at home may have. The Consumer Directed Services program is more desirable because attendants will be paid for the work that they have actually been doing for some time anyway. The program could be a solution for trust and privacy issues. There are many aged and disabled persons who qualify to get help but will not because of trust or privacy issues.

The Consumer Directed Services program is offered in many states. The more common names are CDS or DADS. Please check the state that you’re in if you feel you could use personal care assistance in your home. I would check for that program before a decision to put me in a nursing home arrives.

My company, Agape Community Healthcare, PC, located in St. Louis, Missouri, does provide such programs. Our aim is to prevent disease, promote health and protect communities from abuse and exploitation. The premise of our vision is helping others live the best possible life despite circumstances. So if you are someone you know. recognizes that help is truly needed while you’re still in your homes… don’t be afraid to pursue it. I believe we will all age more gracefully in our own homes.



4 Most Important Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has been known by many to be the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency. However, besides bitcoin there exists other altcoins that confer a great value as well. Are you interested in learning about other cryptocurrencies? Well, bitcoin is not alone. Here are others. libra

1. Litecoin (LTC)

Statistics show that as of July 2018, Litecoin had per token value of $87.56. The coin was created by former Google engineer and MIT graduate named Charlie Lee. Just like bitcoin, Litecoin is not controlled by any central authority. It uses ”scrypt” as proof of work. Different from bitcoin, Litecoin has got a faster block generation rate. This means that it offers a faster transaction confirmation.

The coin is based on an open source global payment network. The coin is generally accepted by merchants with the number growing each day. In July 2018, it had a market cap of $5.03 billion.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

It was launched in the year 2015. ETH is a decentralized software platform. It enables Distributed Applications and Smart Contracts to be built and run without downtime, fraud, control or third party interference. There exists a component called ether which acts like a vehicle within the ethereum platform. Developers seeking to develop and run applications within ethereum and investors aiming to purchases other digital currencies are the most interested parties in ether.

Value per token of ethereum as of July 2018 was $474.66 and a market cap of $ 47.84. Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency from bitcoin.

3. Zcash (ZEC)

Just like other altcoins, Zcash is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency. It was launched in the year 2016. This cryptocurrency is known to offer privacy and selective transparency of transactions. It’s a unique feature different from other altcoins, isn’t it?

ZEC claims to offer extra security where all the transactions are recorded and published on a blockchain. However, finer details involving the sender and recipient, and the amount are kept private. Statistics show that as of July 2018, Zcash had per token value of $206.23. It had a market cap of $904.85 in the same month.

4. Dash

It was originally known as darkcoin. Dash is a more secretive version of bitcoin. The working of Dash makes transactions almost untraceable. This because it provides anonymity since it works on a decentralized mastercode network.

Dash was launched in January 2014. Since then it has experienced an increase in fan following despite the short period of time. The cryptocurrency was created by Evan Duffield. It can be mined using a GPU or a CPU. Studies indicate that in July 2018, Dash had a market cap of $2.19 billion and value per token of $266.58.

The Role of Solvent in Chemical Reactions

A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. While going under chemical reaction a substance is changed into one or more substances. It introduces the concept of electron exchange. A reaction can be an exothermic reaction or endothermic reaction. The substances involved in chemical reaction are called reactants and reagents. flotation reagent

Majority of the chemical reactions are usually performed in the solutions. Solvents play a vital role in occurrence of chemical reactions. It solvent’s both the reagent and the reactant so that they can dissolve. Solvents act as a mode of controlling the temperature in exothermic and endothermic reactions. In exothermic reactions, they provide a control over excess heat produced during the reaction by absorbing it. It is important to select the most appropriate solvent so as to get most effective results. A good solvent should be able to meet all the necessary standards such as it should be an inert to all the reaction conditions, the boiling point of the solvent should be appropriate, at the end of the reaction, there should not be any difficulty in its removal, it should dissolve the reagents and reactants.

One criterion, which should be taken into consideration before a reaction takes place that the reactant is polar or no polar in nature, because non polar reactants are dissolved in non polar solvents and polar reactants are dissolved in polar solvents only. Polarity of a solvent depends upon following measures.

• Dipole moment

• Dielectric constant

• Miscibility with water

Solvents are categorised into three categories on the basis of the polarity as polar protic, dipolar aprotic and non-polar. In a chemical reaction, if the component are more polar than reactants then the polar solvent would accelerate the reaction.


Finding the Right Horse, Western Saddle, Tack and Trailer

So many things whirl in my head when I think of this big project I’ve undertaken – finding the right breed of horse and then purchasing her, locating a quality used Western saddle and Western horse tack. bulk trailer parts

Electric fence supply was sort of a dull, but necessary project to embark on. But I think with the choices of Havaheart, Gallagher and Zareba out there, who are all well-respected, I’ll get good advice. It’s the one area I’m going to hire out.

Of course, I have finally settled on my aluminum trailer and the horse trailer parts that I can’t do without. I won’t buy everything offered right off the bat. But the Featherlite aluminum 11 ft. trailer is what I’m going to start with. I’ll put items on my wish list for relatives looking for a gift idea that I can’t afford quite yet – like a hitch-saver, extra lighting, safety signs and flares. I hope they won’t think my list is too boring!

One thing I need to concentrate on is grooming supplies and “how to” guides on grooming. I’ve looked into horse hoof care, and already purchased a pick to clean Buttercup’s hooves with. I’ve located a local smithy who will help me with hoof care, like keeping her shoed. I need to remember when I am caring for her hooves and doing other grooming as well, that she can be annoyed if I touch or brush the wrong places.

I’m still researching miniature horses, and have really enjoyed looking at some photos of some of them on-line. Apparently US Presidents have been enamored of them, as Teddy Roosevelt bought a 39 inch Shetland for his son Quentin. He named him Algonquin and rode him around the White House grounds. The Falabella family from Argentina provided Bobby Kennedy with 3 Falabella miniatures, which is not a pony but a true miniature, and put them under the Christmas tree for Caroline and John-John in 1962. I can’t believe I missed that on the news back then, as I gobbled up all things Kennedy and horse.



Redefining Diesel Generators

There are a lot of biases against diesel generators. The reality however is that there is little basis for such prejudices. To begin with, it quite well known that in industrial settings, diesel engines are most favoured. And this has been the trend for so many years. In terms of reliability, cost and efficiency, diesel engines have proven to be very worthy. In comparison with other fuels, diesel comes out as a winner – it is more reliable, cheaper and more efficient. Also, it has an extended life cycle as well as lesser maintenance requirements. This is backed by genuine technical reasons.

One of the main technical issues when it comes to diesel generators is its internal combustion system. It is the generally accepted that the greater part of the energy from fuel is mostly converted into heat instead of useful power. Add this to the fact that some of the power is also used for cooling. Under such conditions, it is essential to point out that the temperature of a diesel engine that is running is much cooler than the internal combustion engine that runs on other fuels. Ergo, more power is transformed into useful power. And the energy required for cooling is greatly reduced. diesel generator set

Another reason for the efficiency of diesel engine is its compression ratio. The rule is that efficiency of an engine is directly proportional to its compression ratio. Thus, the higher the ration of compression, the better is its efficiency. For diesel engines, the compression ratio ranges from 14:1 to 25:1, whereas the ratio of compression of engines running on gasoline ranges from 8:1 to 12:1.

The resulting efficiency from internal combustion system and compression ratio literally translates into decreased fuel costs. In fact, the cost of fuel for engines running on diesel ranges between thirty percent and fifty percent lesser than the cost of fuel for engines running on gasoline.

Another advantage of diesel powered generators is that of low maintenance requirements. This also leads to longer life for diesel engines as opposed to gasoline engines. The main reason for it is the fact that spark plugs are not featured in diesel engines. Thus, regular replacement of the same is not necessary. Another reason is the low temperature feature of diesel engines, which was already discussed above.

To complete the picture of an advantageous use of diesel generators, one must debunk a pervasive misconception – that engines that run on diesel, in this case, generators, are smelly and noisy. While these may have basis before, the same cannot be said for today. The developments in technology have ensured that engines running on diesel are relatively quieter. Improved insulation materials as well as utilization of mufflers account for the low noise level of the running diesel engine.


Health Insurance – Kaiser Health Plans

Kaiser plans are available through Kaiser Medical Insurance, a leading HMO company that boasts over eight million members. Any quality plan includes coverage for several basic medical needs such as doctor appointments, maternity care, examinations such as physicals, hearing and vision tests, emergency care, hospitalizations and prescription drug coverage of some sort. Kaiser plans include these benefits and sometimes more in the variety of plan options they have available to applicants. Offering quality health insurance coverage at affordable prices, Kaiser health plans offer both individual and group plans.

Healthcare is something no family should be without. It only takes one serious illness or injury to throw a family’s financial future in serious jeopardy. With adequate health insurance coverage, this does not have to happen and the family can weather medical problems with the focus on getting well instead of worries about paying for the medical bills incurred. Kaiser health plans not only provide quality, affordable health insurance policies, but they focus on the overall health and wellness of their customers. Kaiser health plans have worthy preventative medicine goals that work in tandem with gaining maintaining good health with exercise and nutrition.

While there are many, many health care insurance plans available, Kaiser health plans is committed to providing what consumers need in medical coverage at an affordable price. There is no need for ridiculously high premiums that cause families to struggle with paying for their health insurance coverage. By ensuring their health care plans are affordable, Kaiser health plans help families be able to obtain the insurance coverage they need to get healthy and stay healthy. Preventative health practices include coverage for wellness doctor visits and screenings for vision, hearing or physical issues on a periodic basis. These types of things help ensure optimal health and well being.

Preventative health is a strong point with many HMOs these days and Kaiser health plans are no exception. By helping people get better, learn how to stay well and thrive with good overall health, this reduces the overall medical costs for everyone, from the patients to the doctors to the health insurance companies such as Kaiser health plans. In order to better serve the public, Kaiser has set up their website so that applicants can visit it to learn plan overviews, quotes and even apply for health insurance coverage there. Optimized overall health is the key to healthier, happier lives and lower overall health care costs