Hot Ones From India – The OnePlus Nord CE


If you are looking for a phone with great features and awesome functionality at an affordable price, then the best option in this case is the OnePlus Nord CE. The name itself defines excellent quality and performance. Hence, many persons are using the device to stay connected to the latest advancements in technology.

Apart from its great looks, the oneplus nord ce 5g also offers a lot of useful functionalities for a smart phone. It has a very attractive design which is sleek and stylish. The display of the smartphone is crisp and has a high resolution. Apart from this, it comes with a spacious bar storage, a large memory card, a fast shutter speed, a built-in camera with OCR, and so on. All these features make the smartphone extremely popular among the youth.

In fact, the smartphone comes with a enhanced version of OxygenOS 9.2 which is quite unique. This OxygenOS 9.2 allows the device users to enjoy a free ride on Google Android interface. The OxygenOS also allows the users to enjoy a better browsing experience with the browser based on the material engine. In fact, the handset comes with a huge list of apps pre-installed in the mobile such as Skype, Yelp, Amazon, Expedia, eHow, Yahoo, et cetera.

The phone can be used as a portable media player, a PDA, a netbook, a gaming console, and a Bluetooth device. The innovative OxygenOS gives full freedom to use the above mentioned features of the smartphone. In fact, the device is well equipped to run most of the android applications such as Gmail, google chrome, Ice Cream, Google Play, Plex, Safari, and many more. The impressive news for the fans of the handset is that the price of the handset is unbelievably low which makes it highly affordable. In fact, the core edition of the smartphone costs less than one hundred and fifty dollars.

The remarkable feature of the smartphone lies in its large memory capacity of 1GB. Moreover, the OxygenOS comes with a memory boosting Oxyogen engine which enables the user to enjoy a better software experience. The fantastic part of the software experience lies in its ability to provide an enhanced user experience which enables smooth connectivity and quick application launching. In fact, this is one of the best examples of mobile phones with superior software experience. In fact, the OnePlus No rd CE is one of the best examples of powerful smartphones in the present world. OnePlus Nord CE

Apart from its amazing hardware structure and the stunning Android interface, the OnePlus has other great features as well. The phone also comes with a stunning dual camera built in the handset along with other features like fast boot time, high resolution imaging sensors and many more. The impressive features of the phone make the smartphone popular among the masses. It is hard to identify any other handset which is able to provide users with such a flawless user experience.

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