iCarly: A Show For Children and Parents to Enjoy Together

iCarly is a TV sitcom that made its debut on Nickelodeon in 2007. The show is geared toward a young female audience, around 14 years or younger. Since its premiere, the show has become extremely popular among tween girls, and has propelled the show’s cast members to stardom.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the show is about. The show’s main character, Carly, is a teenage girl living in Seattle with her older brother, and guardian, Spencer. She is best friends with Sam, and Freddie, the latter of which has a not so secret crush on her. The show revolves around this trio, and aside from their school life, and other issues relevant to teens, they also have their own web show, which is a central segment of the show. the tiger that came to tea londonĀ 

Parents who have young daughters, or even sons who watch the show, should take notice, because it has benefits that parents can take advantage of. First of all, it’s a children’s show, so there are no foul language, violence, or anything inappropriate for a minor to view. Parents can rest assure that while their children are tuned in to the show, they will not be exposed to all the explicit content that plague most television programs today.

The show also revolves largely around the web show. This can encourage children to explore the internet and computer technology, which is a crucial part of learning because we now live in the digital age. Parents should get involved here and make sure their children learn how to safely explore the web, and not give out sensitive information, or befriend random strangers they meet online.

I would recommend that parents occasionally watch the show with their children. Not only does it make for a good bonding moment, but it gives you a better idea of the content your children views.

The show also teaches other values as well. One of these values is friendship. Throughout the show, Carly, Sam, and Freddie, engage in their fair share of squabbles, but always make up in the end. This can be a good lesson that while there will be arguments and disagreements, true friendship always make it through thick and thin

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