Looking For Affordable Options? Let a Plasma Screen Rental Help Out

The marketing options are almost endless with the visuals available on plasma screens. Think about drawing new clients to your next trade show with interactive video on touch screens? Or focusing your audience on larger than life visuals of your newest product at your next marketing event? Get technology that can help do part of your sales pitch for you, increasing the visibility of your company and products.

Who Rents Plasma Screens? circular vibrating screen

Plasma screens are rented by many companies, both large and small. From film festivals to small companies doing their first marketing presentation, they have many reasons for choosing a plasma screen rental.


  • Smart Budgeting: many companies attend only one or two trade shows a year and do a few presentations in a year. If your use of a screen is limited, then the cost of a plasma screen rental is much less expensive than purchasing one, storing it, and shipping it to different locations.
  • Test Driving: some companies do want to purchase their own plasma screens, but are not certain which ones will work best for them. Car owners can test drive new vehicles, so it only makes sense that you could test drive your electronics too. A plasma screen Rental allows you to test drive one before investing in a purchase.
  • Convenience: instead of worrying about the costs and logistics of shipping your equipment to trade shows across the country, then managing the set up and tearing down of the equipment on either end of the show, let your rental company take care of these details instead.
  • Filling the gap: when your next trade show is a couple days away and the company plasma screen is broken, a plasma screen rental can serve your needs in a pinch.
  • Custom solutions each time: plasma screen rentals know no restrictions. Each time you rent, you can get a different size and various options, from microphones to speakers to touch screen kiosks, to go with your plasma screen. If you purchase a screen, your company is limited to the equipment on hand or purchasing more or new equipment each time you want to do something innovative.


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