Massage Bill of Rights

Massage is both an art and a science.

Let me begin with some general terms and facts to give you more of an idea about massage therapists that are certified and licensed. With this information you will probably surprise your therapist with how much you know and you’ll be able to ask the right questions when making your next appointment.

Licensing maybe by the city where the therapist works or a State License. California has NO state licensing, but has licensing by each city. Licensing is through the police department and has nothing to do with massage therapy. In other states massage therapists can get a license through the state. Massage therapist may be required to publish their license when advertising, similar to contractors and home remodelers.


Certification or licensing may require 300 hours of training (basic) to 500 hours to 1000 hours of training. Certification of hours is usually with an accredited school. Some licensing may require a Certification plus hours of working with clients.

There is a lot of inconsistency with licensing (or non-licensing) state by state or city by city. For that reason, clients can find great massage therapists through several Massage Therapy Associations. These associations have their own standards and ethics that their members adhere to. 출장마사지


A massage therapist can complete 300 hours of training in about three months. In general, a therapist will learn the SCIENCE of massage or the basic massage strokes, an introduction to the muscle and skeletal system and probably an introduction to deep tissue massage. A massage therapist with 300 hours of training can do a good massage.


The next milestone is 500 hours of training. This is the ART of MASSAGE. The massage therapist will learn more about muscles and how to blend relaxing massage strokes with effective deep tissue work to get the knots out of your back.


A massage therapist with 1000 hours of training is very dedicated to their profession and is a specialist. This is the ART and SCIENCE of massage therapy. The therapist will have completed over two years of training and knows the finer points of massage therapy.


Massage therapy is like fine dining. You have the choice of dining at a local café if you’re on a budget or you can try fine dining. A massage appointment can be one hour or an hour & half.
If you want a massage to feel great and be relaxed, then a therapist with 300 to 500 of training would best fit your needs.

If you have a lot of body tension or your body feels all twisted and out place, then you’ll probably want to work with someone that has over 300 of training. If you are an athlete or workout, you probably want someone with 500 hours or more.

Before booking your appointment, tell the therapist what kind of massage you are looking for. If the massage therapist is too busy to talk to you on the phone or seems a little cold, then call someone else. By the time you finish talking with the massage therapist you should already have rapport or some kind of comfortabilty with the therapist.


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